Dr. Jim Ayers will present — Face-to-Face Interaction in the Digital Age: Methods that Work

Location: Metropolitan State University, St. Paul Campus
Friday, February 8, 2019, 9 AM to Noon

About the Program

Digital technologies are revolutionizing our lives worldwide with new solutions to enduring problems. Yet the most challenging impact has been on human relationships and the ability to relate face-to-face, this presentation reviews research findings and explores how digital technologies have impacted face-to-face interaction for better and for worse. The first part of this presentation focuses on managing use of digital technologies to limit harm and promote uses that foster effective relationships. The second part demonstrates how new applications, such as telemedicine, distance learning, and digital simulations in education, training, and research can be effective yet fall short of the full face-to-face experience which defies understanding. The third part demonstrates how face-to-face interactions can not only be understood but empirically measured with the UfaceME™ method, a digital technology that engages people to learn from each other.

This is an interactive laboratory presentation demonstrating how the UfaceME method empowers mutual face-to-face understanding exemplified when a black coach mentors a black student about managing anger in public. Audience participants use hand-held responders to rate viewpoints between coach and student on a prerecorded session. Immediately after the viewing, graphic feedback to the audience on their viewpoint accuracy stimulates a lively discussion of critical intercultural issues such as: implicit biases, self-disclosure, and challenges of face-to-face interaction relevant to effective intervention.

This session is at the introductory level and is designed for psychologists and other mental health professionals.

UfaceME™ and the University of Minnesota presented a poster at the Annual Meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality in Montreal,  Nov 8-11, 2018

Dr. James Ayers, PhD, UfaceME, and Dr. Michael Ross, PhD, MS, MPH, University of Minnesota, presented findings of a joint project between the University of Minnesota Medical School’s Program in Human Sexuality, and UfaceME. The poster presented at the international conference was “A New Computer Application for Teaching Sexual History Taking to Medical Students: Evaluation of the UfaceME Program.”

The UFaceME application was used in training sessions in which 175+ medical students role played in learning how to interview patients for their sexual histories. The poster presented the results of a pilot study in which pre and post-UfaceME training were reported and discussed, leading to roll-out applications.

Dr. Jeff Simpson Receives U of M Outstanding Contributions to Graduate and Professional Education Award

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — March 2017 – The University of Minnesota has named Jeff Simpson, Ph.D., recipient of the 2016-17 Outstanding Contributions to Graduate and Professional Education Award. Dr. Simpson, Professor of Psychology, University of Minnesota, is a Technical Advisor to UfaceME, Inc., in the area of interpersonal data analytics.

The University awards this honor to exceptional candidates nominated by departments and then colleges in their quest to identify excellence in graduate and professional education.

Those who receive the Graduate and Professional teaching award become members of the Academy of Distinguished Teachers (ADT). The title “Distinguished University Teaching Professor” or “Distinguished University Teacher” is conferred upon recipients.

Jeff Simpson, Ph.D., is Professor of Psychology and Director of the Doctoral Minor in Interpersonal Relationships (IREL) at the University of Minnesota. He has been the President of International Association for Relationship Research, and is an internationally recognized authority on interpersonal relationships and research on development of human attachment.

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