UfaceME face-to-face learning

Experience self and mutual understanding with a real time, UfaceME conversation.

UfaceME is a dynamic breakthrough methodology that will help you enhance relationships one-on-one, face to face.

UfaceME is a self-generated learning tool for work and life.

UfaceME provides an opportunity for a connected, meaningful conversation in any relationship.

The simple-to use technology allows you and another person to:

Relate to one another.

Record your conversation. Two people privately video record their face-to-face conversation on a laptop computer, so they are both equally on camera.

Respond While watching immediate playback of their conversation, they separately respond to statements about their experience.

Review Graphic feedback on the computer displays their responses minute by minute, showing how they felt, how they perceived each other, and how they thought they came across to each other.

Use UfaceME’s technology to:

  • Learn in real time your and another person’s perceptions for better understanding and solutions.
  • Develop better communication with peers, clients, students and the public in all academic and organizational venues.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of self in relation to another and situations.
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Encourage healthy behavioral changes
  • Improve the level of trust and respect between you and others

Contact us about using UfaceME individually or in any business, educational, government, or not-for profit organization. Contact us at: contact [at] ufaceme.com

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