Brain fatigue from Zoom

This fascinating study found that not only do we suffer from “brain fatigue,” with an overload of video/zoom meetings, but in person communication is stunningly more effective and authentic. The authors think the links formed during in-person discussion permit people to communicate emotions or offer non-verbal cues.

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Empathic Accuracy

Could we and should we be able to tap into another person’s thoughts or feelings? Is this possible? Yes, it is possible.

Empathic Accuracy refers to this seemingly uncanny ability to “read” another’s emotions and relative thoughts. It has been examined for years by psychologists and social scientists. According to studies, both positive and detrimental implications are possible.
On the down side, Empathic Accuracy may not be so helpful to a relationship if one person with high Empathetic Accuracy desires to manipulate the other person.
What if Empathetic Accuracy is not engaged or present? 
On the positive side, find out how UfaceME has been shown to be useful in strengthening relationship functioning.

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