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The UfaceME™ process strengthens interactions with others

Communication barriers underlie most relational problems in all aspects of human life. By recognizing our assumptions and those of others in real time practice through the UfaceME process, we ignite authentic connections and re-energize positive, healthy interactions and change. UfaceME is the only relational learning tool based on software technology in a patented process.

The UfaceME process in business, training and education

UfaceME participants achieve greater understanding, learning, empathy and working relationships with colleagues, clients, patients and students. The UfaceME process can be applied in training modules that satisfy ongoing CE requirements, and can be utilized to save both time and money with programs that can be used at will and over a period of time.

UfaceME is effective in the process of communication training, neutral conflict resolution and supportive infrastructure. Issues, goals and objectives are clarified, leading to action planning and better understanding.

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UfaceME has been used in in education, healthcare, nonprofits and corporate settings and is recommended in all relational settings: managers and staff, doctors and patients, training, mentors and youth, and university classes for doctors, lawyers, psychologists, social workers and teachers.

Facilitating a UfaceME approach in therapeutic, mentoring and rehabilitative settings

UfaceME process participation has been shown to be rehabilitative and therapeutic. For marginalized people, for example, negative perceptions of how others view them can be debilitating. Learning healthy life and communication skills is essential. During the last four years, the company has successfully provided the UfaceME program to a variety of organizations and individuals.

They include RS Eden, The Salvation Army/Harbor Light, Beyond Walls, and Better Futures Minnesota, a setting in which recently incarcerated men are supported in housing, job experience and living skills. Vital to this improvement is building healthy relationships. With the ability to change perceptions about themselves, about how people view them, people can change their reality.

Participants are better able to complete their rehabilitative programs, to renew relationships with family, participate in work programs and communicate productively with stakeholders, from employer to parole officer.

UfaceME has helped to develop beneficial communication skills with youth in a community sports program, Youth Leadership Minnesota, which reaches out to youth in poverty to build leadership, discipline, and health.

UfaceME for your organization

The company’s success in these organizations has set the groundwork for developing and customizing its patented process for areas of conflict resolution, job interviewing, and healthier lifestyles for private industry and government.

Please contact us for further information regarding a UfaceME program for your organization.

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