UfaceME™, Inc. is a Minnesota company whose principals and advisors represent diverse business, academic and professional expertise. Minnesota was named the best state for conducting business, according to a new ranking by CNBC, the business news channel. The June 2015 ranking cited education, quality of life, innovation and economy among 60 measures of competitiveness.

What We Believe:

We believe
Connection is the core of life.

We believe
We can face each other,
learn from each other
and teach each other
how to connect.

We believe
energy follows attention, and
UfaceME draws attention to
our face-to-face interactions,
the make and break point
of human connections.

We believe
UfaceME can make a difference
by engaging people face-to-face
to make a difference with each other.

We believe
when we connect face-to-face
we all make a difference.

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