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“We live in a time when we are seduced by gadgetry that promises connectedness. Sadly, for all the burgeoning usage of devices that offer the hope for “likes” and affirmation, we have become less personal. In many cases our interpersonal skills have diminished.

Enter, UfaceME — a remarkable high-tech approach that promotes high-touch interaction. I’ve never seen a product like it and I believe it has the promise to greatly increase productivity through the art of enhanced conversation.

The applications are endless.” — Bruce Schultz, Marketing Consultant, Minneapolis

I wasn’t sure what to expect of the process, but after we answered the questions and got on to the review, the review was really enlightening to me. An eye-opener.

To start the process of really opening up and speaking about things to someone that are concerning me, that had been a hindrance in my mind.

That process facilitated in me a comfort level. I feel better because of it. — M. E.

I’ve never seen anything like it, but all of the men came back with positive experiences. Very interesting, very insightful for us to understand and see how each other takes certain information, if we were on the same page or not.

One of the key things I think helped me out was to get a better understanding about how the other person thinks pertaining to how I said it and how they took it.

That’s very key. — K. C.

Each time I did it, I got something different out of it.

Once, when I did it, we both thought we knew what we were talking about. We thought it was a positive note, but it was really a traumatic time. What I got out of that experience was that people tend to bond around those experiences and communicate clearer than we think we do. We were shocked because we didn’t think it would be the situation we thought it was. It was a good shock because that’s the thing about a UfaceME session, the stage is set for you to learn something about the way you communicate and the way people perceive what you’re saying, but it’s not guided so it makes it really authentic.

Each person is getting something totally different out of it. There’s so much going on. — Princess Titus, Co-Founder / Director of Education Appetite for Change

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